Sunday, May 12, 2013

Make a Wish

Well, when someone come and ask u "hey bro, what is the life u want ?" This is a very complicated ques ever i think. Many may just say " I dun knw " but for me, Life = Happy * (* represent infinity). The second question come, What kind of happy ?

I wish my life is something with these :

1. I look handsome XD
2. I have a hot body
3. I have a romantic lover
4. All my family members including me are healthy 
5. I have a great job which is not only for money
6. I have an ideal car but not expensive
7. I have an ideal house but not too big, with a nice garden 
8. I have extra money to visit other countries with my family
9. I have a bunch of good friends 
10. I need a family, at least 2 children, living with peace

Can I ?

ok, fine. Make a Wish


Pua Jing man said...

Ithink you can make it if you wanted to. A strong will is everything you need. Of course, plus with some hardship. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Hope that you can get a your hot body someday (although it's impossible...)

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