Thursday, January 10, 2013

One of My Bad Habit

" Omg ... I forget to drink water for a few hours again! " As we know water is needed for metabolism. I can sit on my chair, surfling the internet for a few hours without drinking even a single drop of water. Something weird is I don't feel thirsty, WHY ? 

Does this means I have a very low metabolism rate ? Fine, I dont know ! What I should do now is putting my water bottle beside me. Blek ... : P 

Holiday = Boring day ?

The second hand of the clock is moving, it is getting closer and closer to 11a.m. When the examiner said : "Stop writing", I had already tie up my answer booklets and ready to escape from my seat. 

"ya, I am free now. " 

When I said so, it also means I have no idea what to do in the coming holiday? Totally blank in my mind, keep asking what should i do in my holidays ? Writing a number of posts in my blog, watching a few anime or TVB series ? May be visit my friends in Kampar ? work hard to slim down my body ? tidy my old house with my mum ? 

I had made some calls to a few tuition centres, looking for a job as a part time tutor. well, I am still waiting for their replies. Anyway, when you are in step no.5 ; you know how to proceed to step no.6 naturally. So, the first step is going back to my hometown. 

Planning ....