Wednesday, February 24, 2010

UTAR's life , rush

Haiz...I start the post by the word "haiz" is because my life in UTAR now is busy. What kind of things I busy for ?
The work reports in UTAR was different compare to the one in secondary school , I mean the ways to do the work. The part of the report that took the longest times to finish it was DISCUSSION. This part of discussion is some questions more to explanation. One week contains 3 praticals at all and the times for you to submit it is 7 days. And this may lead you to less revision and exercises.

The time table.
There is a problem for those "night cat" because the 1st lesson may start at 8am.So,normally i wake up at around 6.30am with the help of 4 alarms and start to move to school at 7.30am if there is a class later at 8am. It seem like got times to cycling slowly and enjoying the nice view of westlake. NO LA, better move fast. Because it always take about 10mins or more than to reach school.Sometimes i found funny when the security guards play with the whistle .The way of returning home was a problem also, because of the strong sun, hot

Got other like clothes need to clean well ( tired after school ),sometimes i may submit the works to kedai dobi...For the exam, tests are not easy at all.Sometimes I told myself I try my best , no blame. Of course must do more revisions to improve well ba. overall view to this UTAR is still considered positive , because no matter u r busy, u have dinner or lunch , u have troubles or happiness, u dislike or like the lecturer, u dun know how to solve for the reports etc u got this, friends are with u. so THANKS my friends here in kampar.All the best for our tests coming. I will try to do the best ^^Y