Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Little Exam 's Reward !!! kaka

A picture can tell a thousand of words ! haha ... They did!
Gambateh in the coming examination !!!
You can do it ! The Precious Moment!

wow ! So Cute

Hey let peace together ! ^^ Y

孙悟空 ? ...

hehe, my little cute stars !

Err ...hey gal, Y you laugh like that ?!

终极天团未来乐坛新霸主!大家好!我们是可爱小冬瓜 =.= '''

Thursday, March 19, 2009

They are totally make me happy !

I like them , they are just like my children ! ^^Y If i leave,
I will cry... ==''' dun laugh k !!?

These are when we are almost finish our tuition times at
around 4 p.m!

Hey ! I like my job now !

05 Jan 2009 , Lanchang, PAHANG

The 1st step was on year 2008 , that time i went for an interview. "I will call you for coming to our school 's meeting !" from the principal . I'm so happy because I am not failed to be a teacher, temporary. Here is the place i worked... Erm, u can see it, a shabby school and it is not thrived. Inversely, I like it just because it gives me a nice feeling.

What is my ambition actually ?

Now, I have a choice that is "I'll be a teacher for my future !" If i feel I'm not interested on this ambition anymore, I think I really don't know what is my interested future ambition ?
A salesman ?Tired... impossible! A hawker ? What ?! Then what should i sell ? A sailor ? I hope but I think I can't ! An artist? Err, maybe I like to draw but maybe my predilection can't help me in my future! A postman ? I don't know why ? This is not in the list for a Chinese. A butcher ? haha, maybe I look like but i hate! .... A baker ? A plumber ? A reporter ? A Garbage collector ? A singer ? A judge ? A driver =.=''' ? A doctor ? Erm , I think I like to be a teacher , a professional . I hope It can be done for one day .